Balancing Work And Home – Busy Mom Tricks

As decades pass, life becomes more and more demanding. Gender bias was a case of tester year, now no matter who you are, life has equal amount of stress in store for you. Mothers have it a little harder than others though. They have to manage a home, work and a family. No matter how supportive the father is, at the end of the day, a mother does what only a mother can. How do you bring a balance to your life? How do you manage it all without compromising on any aspect of it? Here are some tips that may help make it easy for you.

Don’t bring work home

When you are home, you are home. Work has to be left behind. Take it up again the next day when you are there, but for the moment, you are not a designer, architect, doctor, lawyer or accountant, now you are a mother, wife, sister, daughter and all that your family wants you to be. Quality time spent with your loved ones will help create a lasting bond and make work life satisfactory and not a guilt ride.

Prepare in advance

It helps to be prepared. Prepare for the following day the previous night. When your kids are asleep and you are about to call it in, take out a little more time and prepare for the next day. Keep your clothes and kids clothes ready, tiffin box preparations in order, books in place, files ready to be taken. This will help cut the morning rush and get you out the door faster and much calmer.


Plan your days or weeks in advance. When you have everything planned, you don’t waste time thinking what next. You know what is next and you go about doing it. If you have a schedule an appointment with the carpet cleaning service this week, make sure they don’t come before a gathering. Having cleaned after is far beneficial. Hence, planning helps out in a lot of ways.

Get help

You are after all just one person. Don’t be afraid to get help. Hire house cleaning services at Smart Home to come by twice a week and take care of the general tidying up of the house. You are earning, so why not spend on a little luxury. It is going to keep you less stressed and give you some extra time to spend with your family.

Get some “Me-time”

Yes you are in demand. Everyone wants a piece of you. But you need to take some time out to relax and unwind. Something as little as a long hot tub dip with a book maybe or a day at the spa. Anything that helps you gain your mojo back. Everyone knows you need your mojo to manage all that you are, work, life, home and parenting. So make sure to take some time out to spend on yourself. Women these days are hardwired to manage it all. You do need help sometimes, but multitasking is your forte, so own your life with a few tricks up your sleeve.

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